Dr Vani B Rao

Dr. VANI B. RAOFounder & Director


Dr VANI B.RAO is an enthusiastic philanthropist, spirited wellness coach, and a successful entrepreneur. She is the founder of Youthphoriya - a health and wellness center in Bengaluru.

Having previously served as a radiation therapist in the United States, and experiencing success in the field of cosmetology soon after, Dr. Rao then ventured towards the field of health and wellness. It is here that she found her true calling, guiding people of all ages, be it children, women, or even senior citizens.

Over the years, she has committed herself to bring about a positive change in society, especially regarding health and wellness. She aims to encourage change amongst the new generation of youth, which in turn will help promote inner transformation.

Dr.Vani is a woman who has accomplished plenty in her career. Her entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropic works have led her to achieve great milestones.

She was instrumental in getting Youthphoriya to be registered with the Department of Economic Development in the United Arab Emirates, making it the first company to do so.

Her contributions to the field of wellness earned her an Honorary Doctorate in Wellness Science and Inner Transformation (Honoris Causa) by the National Virtual University for Peace and Education in May 2019.

She earned a certificate of recognition at the Thought Leader Summit & Awards- TLSA, in August 2019. She was also awarded the Times Health Excellence Award for her health and wellness initiatives in the same year.

She was recognized by Niti Aayog as well as the United Nations Office at Geneva for her ‘Inner Transformation’ program based on her research on the Modalities of Healing & Therapies

She was invited as a dignitary and speaker at the India-UAE Business Excellence Conclave & Awards 2021, where they celebrate significant visionaries, politicians, businessmen and entrepreneurs, in Dubai.

In 2021, she was named an ‘Inspiring Icon’ by the Global Triumph Foundation. Her struggles and successes were documented in their publication to inspire their readers with the thought that “Success never Sleeps.”

Dr.Rao was also featured on the cover of ‘Corporate Social Focus’ Magazine for this years Women’s Day edition documenting her philanthropic efforts. The edition also featured international boxing champion Mary Kom.

In March of 2021, Dr. Rao also received a certificate of recognition from the Indian Women's Club as an iconic woman change-maker who has transformed lives through their work and contribution to society.

She also received an award of recognition from IBN MSME’s ‘Women Entrepreneur Awards 2021’ celebrating her contributions and efforts over the years.

She also established an independent chapter of the Lion’s Club. Here, she installed a Wall of Kindness that promoted charitable gestures from people by allowing them to leave whatever they don’t need, which would provide for people in need. This installation earned her a certificate of appreciation by Dr. Jung - Yul Choi, International President of the International Association of Lions Club, for successfully fulfilling their mission

Through it all, Dr. Rao doesn’t plan on slowing down. She receives sole satisfaction in aiding the underprivileged and promoting wellness among the youth. Her sole purpose is to serve as an inspiration among the young, allowing them to be better citizens tomorrow.