Dr Vani B Rao

Dr. VANI B. RAOFounder and Managing Director


Businesswomen and philanthropist Vani B Rao, owner of Youthphoriya– a health and wellness center relates her personal story and outlines her work with a unique vision, fusing business and philanthropy to apply commercial and social investments that are foremost noble and conscious. Vani B Rao is committed to bringing a positive change with actions that are practical and generous. She has been a cosmologist in the USA for 17 years and has seen many ups and downs during her struggle. Being mentored by the best mentors in life she grew to be one among the finest cosmetologists and her skills grew stronger every time she experienced a new patient which made her realize the potential of body fitness that would compliment cosmetology.

But then came a time when she had to see her own daughter as a patient; her daughter’s illness did not make this mother weak, instead, she got inspired to spread awareness on malnutrition, health issues being exposed to fast food, etc. She did not only gain good feedback for this but also a lot of encouragement to continue growing in this field and excelling to heights.

With this enthusiasm and support, she started her research on to more topics that can be helpful to the people across the globe. She has proved herself to be “people’s person” with her skills, knowledge, and experience.

She has had an amazing journey so far and her “Never settle for less” attitude shall surely have to reap another beautiful entrepreneurial the journey ahead for YouthPhoriya.

Personal Details
Dr Vani B Rao
Name : Dr. Vani B. Rao
Mother's Name : Late Smt. Annapurna
Father's Name : Sri S. Bheem Rao
Date of Birth : February 9, 1970