Our work is the cutting edge of science and spirituality. We believe that proper core engagement and form is essential for optimal functional movement and cultivate an environment of acceptance and inclusion. As a multi-disciplinary center, we work towards recovery of every level which is holistic, self-directed and empowering.

Youthphoriya's Energy Dr. Vani B Rao

Her energy is the unique thread, woven into the fabric of all activities of Youthphoriya.

The orphanage children experienced the joy of happy living when they were invited to the summer camp during May 2019. They immersed themselves in dance, music, art and crafts, paintings, Fireless cooking, yoga and meditation. They were from Mother Teresa childrens orphanage, Nativity children's home, JMJ Sneha Sadan childrens home, Satgamaya Children's foster care and home and Louisa children's home, Bangalore.


As a successful social entrepreneur, Dr. Vani associates herself with 'SKILLING INDIA' campaigns... She has an MOU with Bangalore Central University (BCU) which helps our budding students to pick up life skills at Youthphoriya and reach out to the less privileged.

Students get a good exposure to planning, organizing and managing events which have a noble cause... to reach out to slum children, orphanage children and students from the below poverty line. They share knowledge about life- skills, from yoga, meditation, dance therapy, music therapy, art and crafts... to plant the seeds of good habits to develop their energies of the body, mind, and emotions and channelizeitintherightdirection.